About Franmar


Franmar was established in 2012 by Lorena F. Lundgren in order to specialize in export-oriented services. In 2013 this target was changed and expanded to provide the consulting services with a focus on international business development.
The change was based on the challenges that many Danish companies face in the later stage of the financial crisis of 2008. The increasing level of global competition puts pressure on companies to seek new markets and business opportunities in so-called emerging markets. One of the geographic areas where a lot of interesting opportunities focuses is South America. And this is where Franmar has its main strength.
Franmar supports companies in opening new markets, with the support of its highly professional and committed consultants, who can take responsibility for the internationalization of your company, products and services.





Our Values

In Franmar we consider it of great importance to be well associated with our customers. Therefore, we are always in constant and direct communication with customers, with great trust, respect and professionalism.

We have established ethical guidelines, focusing on avoiding conflicts of interest with our customers, and we accept only jobs we know we can handle.

Our work approach

We are convinced that the road to success depends on close cooperation with our customers. We would like to enter into a long term relationship with our customers and we are committed deeply to deliver the expected result.