Happy Children's Foundation (Fundanak)

Happy Children Foundation  Latin America

At the heart of every child there is a star for the world. The way we love makes us into who we are, and this is the reason why humans have the need for a society - more organized and a more fair community.

Our aim is to shape our generations into the kind of world that we want to see them grow into.  We want to help those who have lost hope.

There are children who need love, care and support in this material world. We should help the children with social problems and educate them so that they may grow into happy individuals - And it is for this reason that the Foundation has taken the initiative to make a difference in the lives of these children.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in need and bring about change in society.

About Us

This organization was created in Danmark under Danmark  law, with the aim of helping  children in situations of abandonment and poverty. In addition, we want to cover the needs of supplies required in centers for abandoned children. With the aim of satisfying the activities for these centers. We expect the support of the different organizations here, willing to help children overseas.



Look forward to your support in our efforts. There are many ways in which you can choose to support a child or donate.

• One -Time Donation

• Donation in kind

 You can donate financially or with goods: -

• To donate financially: you can donate to the following data.

• To donate items for children, you may contact us at this address: franmardkll@yahoo.com