Franmar Medicinal

The Business 

Franmar Medicinal was established in the year 2014 in Denmark. It was created as part of Franmar Lundgren Consulting Group, to be dedicated
the medical area.This company deals with Export of Medicinal Supplies and Products to Venezuela and also lends consulting services between the two regions.

Through our endeavor, we hope to minimize the problem of deficient medical supplies in Venezuela and help the maximum number of people that we can reach to.

It is assured that all the dealings and the business done, complies with the laws and regulations of the Venezuelan Nation and international agreements signed between Venezuela and Company in Denmark. 


Our Goals and Aims:

  • Provide reliable and effective services in exporting medical products from Denmark to Venezuela in order to encourage technological development of health systems and equipment in various Public and Private hospitals.
  • Develop a social platform of business management thereby meaning to provide efficient services and humanitarian social character to the people in need. Through the supply of efficient distribution of Medical supplies in the most remote locations of Venezuela, our effort is to assist the hospitals in providing better facilities to the patients. 


What is in it for you?

  • Your company has the scope of developing extensive export sales market in the large Venezuelan Economy.
  • Franmar Medicinal acts like a home agent of your company for the sale of medical supplies in Venezuela. Therefore, both small and medium size business have the opportunity to expand outside of Europe as well. 
  • Association with Franmar Medicinal can significantly add to the CSR Policies (or the equivalent) of your company. Based on the Social and Humanitarian Principal of providing health services to the lowers section of the economy in Venezuela, the reach of Technological advancement from your company can be stretched to far and wide places. 
  • Your company undoubtedly, stands the chance of building and expanding thereby, health projects in Venezuela catering to the large population. 


Why this Business?

  • Technological Expanse: Expanding the consumer market for medical technology can provide new possibilities for communication and business associations between Denmark and Venezuela. An assured transfer of information and effective interaction between the supplier and the product receivers can lead to globalization.
  • New business, new opportunities: The surging population and economic development in recent years has led Venezuela for a higher demand of the health supplies. This scenario has therefore, multiplied the need for setting up of new entrepreneurships.  To serve the growing demands, it shall be correct to anticipate that these fresh business routes and dedicated health centers shall greatly thrive in the near future.
  • Franmar’s Professional Expertise: All professionals at Franmar precede the administrative and business sector that they have experience for, over the years of working in business services and pharmaceutical trade. All of us have felt that both the changing needs of our customers and the opportunities offered in the market, deserve an opportunity. This desire, coupled with a significant volume of contacts and a great experience, has given us the certainty that we can grow the projects with great confidence.